Are you ready to be a Bentley Trike & Balance Bike Influencer?

Over the years we've successfully worked with hundreds of influencers ranging from 50K followers to more than 1 million followers. We've come to realize that influencers with 50k followers can be just as impactful as those with a million if they can drive that 'desire factor’. This can be a big win-win for everyone, including our influencers!

So do you have what it takes?

Unparalleled rewards program
What You'll Get

In addition to a percentage of our revenue from sales using your code, you also have the potential to earn some remarkable rewards, including a brand new Bentley Continental GT car! (Click here to see all rewards)

If you think you've got what it takes, click below to fill out the application


Once accepted, we will reach out to you and go through the steps below, finalize the agreement, and ensure that you have a successful campaign

Sign the agreement & get access to your referral code

We will send you a final contract that highlights our expectations and obligations.

We will also send you a link to buzzbassador, where you will create your referral link and get access to your reporting dashboard that will help you keep track of your progress.

Share your code and thoughts on the trike with your followers

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Redeem Your Rewards

After the end of your promotion period, we’ll calculate the total sales you’ve made. There will be another 60 day period to account for cancellations or returns which will be deducted from your overall total.

You can then redeem your reward from the prize tier you've unlocked.


Only 1 continuous 30 day period can be used to calculate your eligibility for redemption from a prize tier. If you need help with assessing your progress, please contact us at

Each sale of the Bentley Trike or Bentley Balance Bike with your personal discount code will count to towards your total to determine redemption eligibility from a prize tier. You must reach the minimum number of sales for each prize tier to qualify for that tier. Redemption from multiple tiers is not allowed.

Cancellations or returns made on purchases with your code will not count towards your final rewards total (ie. anyone who purchases a Bentley Trike using your referral code but returns or cancels their order will not count as a sale towards your final rewards total).

There will be a 60-day period after the end of your promotional period to confirm that there are no cancellations or returns. You may only redeem one prize per 30 day promotional period. Prize delivery is dependent upon availability from suppliers.