The World's Best Playmats can be found right here!

Exceptional cushioning from multiple layers of foam combined with a unique embossing pattern protects kids from tumbles, falls and hard impacts on the ground. These playmats also help absorb noise and lets children play without the worry of chilly floors.

waterproof, easy to clean, and sanitary

Dwinguler Playmats help keep kids healthy from germs, bugs and bacteria. They are also manufactured with earth and baby friendly materials, making these playmats 100% free from any toxic materials - Latex Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, BPA Free.

Dwinguler Playmats have been laboratory tested and have passed the CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards.

fun learning with safety built-in

Let your kids have fun and play while learning the alphabet or recognizing colours. Playmats feature vibrant and fresh colours to inspire creativity and fun.