How Old Should A Toddler Be To Start Wearing Helmets?

You have taught your kid to pedal and ride like a pro on a trike; what’s next? No matter how pro they have become, the safety rules remain the same for everyone.
Helmets should be introduced as the first requisite before your tot steps out for any sports activity.
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How Do I Get My 2-year-old to Wear a Helmet?
As a parent, you will have to deal with tantrums, but you need to convince them about their safety.

Tell them about the consequences that may result due to carelessness. Don’t scare them but let them have a fair idea about it.
Tell them helmets are not limited to biking; it has a crucial role in every sport for safety.
Be an inspiration and teach them why helmets are essential.
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What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Helmet?
Helmets are headcovers used to protect the most crucial part of the body – The Brain. Head injuries are common among two-wheel riders. Kids are delicate; even a tiny wound can hurt them.

Prepare your kids by training them to carry a helmet every time before they leave for a ride. A small step toward teaching them to ride with safety helmets also prepares them for the future. Toddlers shouldn’t move out without toddler helmets.

While riding, a helmet keeps little tots safe from any significant injury like bone fracture or head injury. Be it a 1 or 2-year-old, tots should wear a helmet if they are riding a trike.
Best Helmets For 2-5 Years Old
Choose a multi-sport helmet approved and certified for biking, roller skating, and skateboarding. The helmet should fit your child’s head and can be adjusted to fit as they grow. Pick the one your kids feel comfortable in. Here are the two best helmets for toddlers:
Thousand Jr. kids' helmets are CPSC, ASTM, and CE certified.
The adjustable dial fit system makes it super flexible and grows with your kid.
Available for 49-53cm head circumference in three different shades.
Allow kids to design their helmets with a pack of removable stickers to flaunt.
Farewell to itchy skin and rashes with magnetic fasteners and microfiber straps that protect their delicate skin.
The 6 strategically placed vents allow the air to pass via interior channels.

Inspired by the signature Bern look.
Bright colors and playful graphics your kids will love.
Flip visors to protect their delicate eyes from harmful sun rays.
Made with premium quality material. The secure fit and simple design make it the parents' first choice.

Child Helmet Size Chart Age
 Age Head Circumference(cm)
12 Months 46 cm
2 Years 49 cm
3-5 Years 51 cm
6-10 Years 53 cm
10+ Years 56 cm
Do Helmets Have An Expiration Date?
Yes, helmets have expiration dates. Things like heat, sunlight, and damage can degrade helmets with time. Change them when it feels necessary. It mainly depends upon:

How much your kids have used a helmet?
Is there any damage on the helmet?

The best toddler bike helmet is certified and can last up to 3-5 years.
Kids need to come out of their shells for their overall development. The fear of them getting hurt should never stop them from tasting the fun and adventures of life. Equip them for safe outdoor activities with helmets and straps to protect them and let them participate in activities that excite them the most.