Is the Bentley Trike 6-in-1 Worth it?

When we hear about a famous brand, we automatically expect the best from it. You might have heard about the unbeatable luxury Bentley car offers, the Bentley Trike for toddlers is no less. It presents the same amenity, quality, and comfort Bentley cars offer. The hype about stroller trikes is real but is it worth it? It's time to untangle the mystery!

Bentley Trike

Why Should I Buy a Bentley Trike for my Child?

Childhood is all about exploring and bringing satiety to the curious minds. Baby Trikes serve these objectives and promote overall growth and development.

You might wonder why to choose Bentley Trikes in the sea of options? The reason is apparent. Bentley Trikes have more than Immaculate design; it is more about comfort, safety, and durability. These features make it go crème de la crème, and you cannot resist getting one for your tyke.

  • Your kids can start riding Bentley Trikes when they are 6 months.
  • It offers a smooth transition from a stroller to an independent trike as your tot starts moving towards toddlerhood.
  • Bentley Trike hands over the critical control to parents so that kids can have fun while being under parental watch.
  • Toddler tricycle helps kids learn about traffic rules. It also helps them practice hand-eye coordination, that's good for motor development.
  • Parents can use it as a push bike until their toddler learns to pedal.

Bentley Trike

What Makes the Bentley Trike so Special?

The Name? No, actually, Bentley Trikes are all about impeccable features. Bentley Stroller Trikes are loaded with unique highlights, and the real motive of everything is to enhance the level of comfort it offers.

The Main Features:
  • Cross-stitched padded seats
  • Replica of Bentley continental GT wheels
  • 3 Sets of footrests ( for different growth stages)
  • Ergonomic swivel seat
  • Soft leatherette touchpoints
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Locking rear brakes
  • Free wheel and free handle function
Other Features:
  • Bentley emblem
  • Adjustable canopy
  • GT-inspired seat and pedals
  • Air-filled tires
  • Parental control handle
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Easy access pouch
  • Storage basket

Bentley Trike features

What Makes the Bentley Trikes Soo Unique?

It goes through six different stages and matures as your little ones do. So let's get familiar with the stages and the features Bentley Trikes are loaded with.

Stage 1: For 6 months and up
  • It is a stroller for a 6-month baby. The parental control handles offer extra safety attached to the stroller and can be deployed.
  • The seat can rotate up to 180 degrees, forward and rearward.
  • Infant and toddler footrests are attached for a toddler's comfort at different growth stages.
  • The 50 UPF waterproof canopy provides protection against weather conditions.
  • A peek-a-boo window allows parents to keep an eye on their tot.
Stage 2: 12 months and up

You can turn the stroller seat forward(away from the parent handle). Parents can effortlessly deploy parts no longer in use, like infant footrests and canopy.

Stage 3: 24 months and up

This stage lies somewhere between when your kid's legs are neither too long to reach the pedals nor too short to rest on an infant footrest. The toddlers can now rest their legs on toddler foot rest until they reach a certain height.

Stage 4: 36 months and up

The free handlebars and free wheels remain intact so parents can take control of the trike until their kid learns to pedal. Kids can learn to pedal at this stage, while parents can steer with parent control handles and teach their tot to pedal.

Stage 5: 36 months and up

Parents can remove the safety handle bars and baskets to offer their tyke extra space and comfort.

Stage 6: 36 months and up

The safety belts and seat back support can be removed to transform it into an independent trike. Parents can simply deploy unnecessary parts to convert it into a toddler trike.

The Bottom Line

Bentley Trike is not just a brand. It's all about the features and luxury it carries, wearing a Bentley badge with pride. Bentley Trike never compromises with comfort and uses only superior quality accessories. Every penny you spend on Bentley Trikes is worth it because it delivers more than what is expected.