Physical activity is essential for preschoolers and can only be of great benefit. It can help develop their gross motor skills that would later be useful in running, jumping, and walking, among other activities. In this article, you will discover some tips which help encourage your kids to be constantly physically active.

Get down to floor level and play

Preschoolers are energetic and full of life. That's why engaging them with floor games and activities is best, such as following the leader, walking, running, skipping, jumping, catching, throwing, and kicking games.



Play at the park

Nothing beats playgrounds and parks! Spend time with your little ones at your community parks and play places. It also encourages them to interact with other kids, socialize and make friends. While outdoors, you can also teach your kids to ride bikes, trikes, and balance bikes to make the most of their time outside the house.



Sing and Dance

Toddlers and preschoolers love singing, especially nursery rhymes and dance along to the tune. Dance is an excellent exercise form and helps them release their energy during playtime and school hours. They jump, move their feet and hands – act out their playfulness through dance moves. The idea is to sing and dance with your toddler, ensuring they get the proper attention for exploring their body in motion.




You can engage your children in sports; swimming, soccer, basketball, and more can strengthen their bodies, muscles, heart and bones. In addition, sports create discipline in children and help them to build camaraderie with their peers.



In summary, play and activity are vital to a child's healthy physical and emotional development as early as preschool. If you're worried about setting your child up for success or failure, fear not: There is no right way to encourage healthy physical activities for preschoolers. But if you keep the value of play and movement in mind, you can be sure that you are doing what you can to give your child a great start.