These days, digital media and technology are an integral part of everyone's life. The problem is your child might need to be more relaxed. Being overexposed to devices and digital media can take its toll on your children mentally, emotionally and physically. So when does the 'digital overload' happen? Though it differs from child to child, 8+ hours a day of using devices and digital media is too much for youngsters. So how can you ensure that you do not push your child over the "digital balance"?

Set Clear Expectations and Limits

Digital media and technology have become indispensable parts of many kids' lives. They carry around computerized devices and spend hours a day on social media sites or playing games on their mobile phones. It is a fact that kids are exposed to digital media constantly. However, keeping them in the right balance with parental supervision is also essential. Give clear expectations. Apply age-appropriate screen time. Set limits on how many hours the screen time will be allowed:

  • Screen time for toddlers

          It’s advised that children younger than two don’t have any screen time at all.

  • Screen time for young children

          Two to five year old's should have no more than one hour per day.

  • Screen time for teenagers

          Five to 18 year old's should have no more than two hours per day.



Be a Good Role Model

Parents should play a big part in controlling children's screen time. Using gadgets excessively by kids can cause sleep problems, anxiety and depression. Setting a good example for them will help you nurture their positive development.



Managing Online Content and Interactions

Information and media digitalization is a fantastic opportunity for kids. Parents find it easy to connect with kids involved in any competitive activity online. Manage the online content by moderating the sites and videos that they watch. For younger kids, lessen the apps that may overwhelm their minds and for bigger kids to teens, teach them to be vigilant in using social media sites.



Encourage Time for Reading, Creativity, and Physical Activity Everyday

It can be challenging to keep kids in balance when they become engrossed by digital media and technology. But there are ways you can encourage time for reading, creativity, and physical activity every day. For example, please include them in choosing a good book they want to read for the day or bedtime; bond through arts and crafts; engage them in simple physical activities such as learning a new skill, riding trikes, and balancing bikes.



Help Kids Find Things They are Passionate About

Encourage your children to pursue their passion and extra-curricular activities. Help them to discover their hidden talents; music, arts and sports. Initiate pushing for hobbies and interests so they can make the most of their days without depending too much on gadgets.



Introduce Digital Media as a Good Educational Tool

Technology has pros and cons. Please discuss with your children that they can use gadgets such as cellphones, laptops and computers with the help of the internet to use legit and safe search engines as a tool for researching homework and lessons.




Kids need to learn healthy levels of tech usage. As we live in a fast-paced world, technology is a normal part of our lives. Anything in excess is wrong, and one must be knowledgeable to keep up in modern times.